Is Barak being banned or protected?

This story is just heating up – and the accusations are flying. The jist of it is that the administration of Canada’s Concordia University canceled a speech to be given by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, saying that they cannot adequately ensure his safety due to a protest that occured during a recent visit by former PM and finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The student outcries of censorship, freedom of speech violations and anti-Israel bias are flying and the activist message group emails are spamming.

6 thoughts on “Is Barak being banned or protected?

  1. Concordia…my alma matar. (B.Comm ’92) Sigh. But Simon BenSimon, an old friend and colleage, exec. dir of Hillel, is a bright, no-nonsense guy. He’ll spin this one but good. Wait and see.

  2. I posted this on http://www.geocities.com/segacs2/weblog who was in the thick of things during the Netanyahu riot.
    Hip hip hooray for Concordia, and Canada!!!
    I would have protested myself against Barak speaking, but not for the same reason that SPHR would claim.
    You’d think that the 21st century would have ushered in a better Canada for all minorities, but the comfortable life you have there is just an illusion.
    The letter you posted from ‘just another Jewish student’ is classic ‘want-to-be-left-alone’ diaspora talk. I would hope that he is the minority in the Jewish community, but I’m skeptical nonetheless. I hope more than a few hundred people show up to the demonstration. I would expect all Jews in the city to take off work for this and be there. This is important. Much more than the weekly Bnai Brith Friday lunch vigil.
    But later in the afternoon after that, consider how much you’re wasting your time in Canada. Hakarat hatov, yes, but also time to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Consider coming to Israel already becuase time is running out.

  3. tell me – why would ANYONE want to hear that pompous shit talk? I dont even wanna know how much he’s being paid..

  4. asaf, the traitor to his country who deserted her in time of need, fled to the comforts of the us, from a long line of traitors, is now criticising officials from his former country. asaf will come out soon wearing a burka and telling us that allah is great.

  5. long line of traitors? i am proud to say that as far as i know i am only the beginning of a rich heritage of STABBING THE NATION IN THE BACK! *evil laughter*…

  6. Hey Asaf…you have a big mouth. To answer you question:
    “why would ANYONE want to hear that pompous shit talk”

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