Why This American Israeli Is Voting For Kerry

Although there is no need to justify herself, she says it quite succinctly, as I have argued with many a fellow jew for months, and have mentioned quite often on the blogs. Let it not be lost on anyone that the concept of “Bush is the Best friend Israel could have” is a farce, a ludicrous quip, with no evidence to back it up. I often ask, in the bloodiest 4 years in Israel’s 56, “What has he done to help?” and never receive a straight, direct or coherent response. I will take Senator Kerry’s solid Pro-Israel record any day over that.

It is difficult to recall a president who was less engaged in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Whether we liked or disliked Bush Sr. and his secretary of state, James Baker’s disciplinarian approach, they were involved. Whether one agrees or disagrees with him, President Clinton was passionately committed.

During the worst four years in Israel’s history, George W. Bush has done a resounding nothing.


Kerry has a 12-year, highly analytic approach targeted at the sources of terrorism. Bush has a four-year record of being passive on intelligence, coddling Saudis, making the wrong connection between Iraq, weapons of mass destruction and 9/11, and talking tough while Iran and North Korea fester.

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