13 thoughts on “is it still a mitzvah when you pay for the priveledge?

  1. It auctioning off the “zchus” to buy the honor for him. anyway – seems it’s all a silly gag – check out the “Roov”s website, and his frumster profile.

  2. actually the shulchan aruch (not the kittzur) very cleary says that it was common practise back then (1100’s) to auction off “kibbudim”, honors. It is more than just a way to raise money for the shul, but has an intrinsic goodness to it

  3. i dunno… when you’re getting into numbers like $16,000 it creates an environment in which only the very wealthy are permitted to partake in such honors–it denies low classes the honors which they should be entitled to as well.

  4. what business does a goy have with knowing Yiddish anyway? they wouldn’t…unless there was something in it for him with the ladies….

  5. another racist–what do you mean what business do goyim have knowing yiddish? don’t kid yourself. yiddish has completely infiltrated the american english vernacular. people use yiddish words every day w/o even realizing its yiddish.
    now, what a goy would be doing being able to read yiddish, as opposed to just have a minor vocabulary of yiddish words–that in itself would be a feat i’d be curious to witness.

  6. BOZOS I meant, does the mitzvah count the same if a guy buys it forthe rebb or whomever that’s all. And FYI any “goy” who knows 3 words of german, can understand yiddish.

  7. yo people calm down the whole thing is just a joke -and i must say that guy does have a pretty good scence of humor

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