Is that some herpes on your shmekel or are you just happy to see me?

HealthDay reports,

Ritual Jewish circumcisions that include metzitzah, the oral suctioning of blood from the wound, place newborns at risk of contracting the herpes virus from the mohels who perform it and should be eliminated from the procedure, a new study asserts.


Moshe D. Tendler of Yeshiva University in New York City […] evaluated eight newborns with genital herpes simples type 1 (HSV-1) infections after having undergone ritual circumcision.

Full story.

That shit was always kinda gross and scary as far as I’m concerned… Ew, ew, ew.

7 thoughts on “Is that some herpes on your shmekel or are you just happy to see me?

  1. Oh those poor babies, how terrible.
    While I am not an advocate of changing HALACHA in anyway, this is a custom whose time has surely expired. It’s unfortunate that we had to wait for babies to get genital herpes before anyone came to their senses…
    And how irresponsible of the MOHEL!
    I’m disgusted.

  2. Come on, the days of a mohel giving a new born boy his first blow job are surely long gone.
    Are there any communities that actually think it is OK to allow a grown man, suck off the blood from a wound on a new born baby?
    If people are still practising this, no wonder why anti-semites have something to talk about.

  3. Man, as far as I’m coverned, that metzitza stuff is frickin nasty. Theres a heter for that minhag by sucking th blood from the gauze rather than stright from the wound.
    I’m sure the “holiness” of this herpes ridden mohel will kill the disease.
    Sick shit, man. Sick shit.

  4. the mohel that snipped my recently born nephew used a glass tube of some form that kept his holy rollin oral cavity well away from the lil’ guy’s lil’ guy. no one-on-one action, but pretty tweaky nonetheless.

  5. Another aspect of Jewish life and Talmudic tradition that defies categorization or explanation. And Jewish people wonder why other groups find us repulsive. Here’s a perfect example of why.

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