Programming For Peace

Israeli and Palestinian students in Jerusalem have come together to learn to code, but are sewing seeds of peace in the process:

They live only a few miles away from each other, but it is only here, at a computer camp run and taught by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that Abdullah, Miri and their fellow campers — an even split of 30 Palestinian and Israeli teenagers — have come together.

For most, computers and top-rate instruction are the draw of this five-week camp, housed in the sleek air-conditioned computer labs and classrooms of Hebrew University’s computer science department.

But for the majority of those taking part in the camp, which ends Friday, it is also the first time they are interacting with Israelis and Palestinians their own age.

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2 thoughts on “Programming For Peace

  1. Here in the States, we’re still struggling to teach computer programmers how to interact with the opposite sex.

  2. And in other news, a second intifada was started today. What sparked this new battle were two words uttered by one student to another, “OMG H4x!!!111!1!!1!!!”

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