19 thoughts on “Imus calls "Jewish Management" at CBS "Money Grubbing"

  1. are there actually more stupid anti-semitic and racist remarks coming out of the media these days than normal, or is it just that youtube has simply brought it out to the light of day

  2. Horrible. Makes me depressed and sick every time I hear something like this. Adding them to my “boycott” list, sad how that list has been growing so long, so fast lately.

  3. Not shocking, Imus is a right wing duoche.
    But hey I suppose he was drunk and then he will go into rehab and then he will have a jewish pr guy say he didn’t mean it and that after some in depth work he has found his real side.
    wow. got to love it. we have a formula for anti-Semites on TV and the Movies…only a matter of time for the raddio.

  4. Well this clip is very interesting. Imus implies that the “Jewish Management” was being anti-xtian and racist by their lack of support of the group Bling Boys of Alabama (which is a wonderful group btw) and in doing so cracks a bunch of anti-Jewish remarks in kind. Gimme a break! It’s one thing to take your management to task for their supposed bias against others based on race and ability; it’s another thing to assert that the all poweful Jewish management – i.e. Jewish media conspiracy- is behind it. Then he convinces the “Jewish Management” to have the Blind Boys of Alabama on the show by revealing the BBOA market value because of their double minority status . This, of course, speaks to the cold-hearted “Jewish Management” because nothing is more important to them but greedily acquiring as much money as possible. He and his fellow bigots put more salt to the wound by sprinkling their comments with anti-Jewish remarks. It’s a triple fuck you to Blacks, those with a disability and Jews. Nice touch Imus and Co.

  5. And so what if we are money grubbing? Isn’t that just another part of our identity as Jews? Instead of running away from it and pretending that we are “just like everybody else,” shouldn’t we embrace it loudly and proudly (like Sascha Baron Cohen and Sarah Silverman do in their respective acts)? We are only 1.9% of the population, but we are the richest, wealthiest, most powerful group in America. This is NOT something to be ashamed of. In just a couple of generations, we went from being the wretched refuse that came over in steerage class to actually owning America. We own it, we control it, and we ARE it. And if Imus or anyone else can’t deal with it, they can go to hell, because we are here to stay.

  6. RM — the richest, wealthiest, most powerful group in america are the white anglo saxon protestant members of the pilgrim society. the jews are just a distraction.

  7. Imus apparantly has a history of this kind of stuff. I linked to items looking back to 1998 from Time, FAIR, and the ADL at my blog (www.FromRight2Left.com). I would like to note for POJL that this is not just “right-wing” stuff. It is paleo-con stuff. Neos of any stripe would not be caught dead doing these kinds of things. Paleos of all stripes do get caught doing these kinds of things. It is just less hidden on the Buchananite paleo-con right.

  8. FR2L No kidding but he still is a righ wing blow hard. He has been purging racisim in the form of “comedy” for years now. My parents used to listen to Imus in the Morning when driving to work. They stopped when I was able to ask and understand what he was talking about. I don’t like Imus or Howard or any of the morning idiots. But that is why my morning includes an iPod, the Metro and then the omni-blog Jewschool. (do i get points for the plug?)

  9. Who’s the guy who looks and sounds like Jerry Falwell? I haven’t watched Imus in a few years, and I don’t recognize him.

  10. Sorry to be completely frivolous here, but I love Mikey’s typo “the Bling Boys of Alabama…” after a moment of confusion (there are people in Alabama who use the word “bling?”) it made me laugh a LOT.

  11. I think Imus is just resentful because Howard Stern rendered him utterly irrelevent YEARS ago.
    And Krauthammer is still right. Yes we have American boobs expressing Jew-hatred. But what’s coming out of the Islamist corner is far, far more worrisome.

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