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JewFusion?Check out some of the amazing musicians who will be at LimmudNY in January! Click the links for music samples, vidoes, and more general goodness.

DJ Handler’s music defies stereotypes. He frequently includes collaborations with non-electronic musicians, creating textural fusions of live and recorded sound. He references Ashkenazic cantorial music, traditional Yemenite melodies and hip hop. dj handler is a multi cultural maestro that spins a mix of Baile Funk and Afro Beat blended with 80’s free style and hip hop, which gets the most famous US clubs to resemble the craziest festivals abroad. Plus, he runs Modular Moods – the home of Jewschool’s own Y-Love!
Chana Rothman‘s music blends Israeli sensibility with freestyle and rhythm acoustic guitar. Insights from living in the mountains, growing up outside the mainstream, and songleading with lively kids from Kathmandu to the Lower East Side inevitably find their way into her music and interaction with the audience. The message is unity through music, breaking down walls between audience and performer, and just being yourself.
Yuri Lane: Human Beatbox – Currently Yuri tours “From Tel Aviv to Ramallah,” a hip-hop play that tackles the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while emphasizing the humanity, suffering and joy of both Israelis and Palestinians.
Shira Kline – “She touches people deeply as she creates services which inspire both personal reflection and communal bonding. Her musicianship and voice flow with grace across the spectrum of Jewish music.” -Mark X. Jacobs, past Executive Director, COEJL
Yofiyah – the founder of Hebrew or Kabbalistic Kirtan, an ecstatic kabbalistic practice based on the chanting of sacred Hebrew texts and names of G!d.

Henry “Hank” Sapoznik is an award-winning author, record and radio producer and performer of traditional Yiddish and American music. With MacArthur Fellow David Isay, he produced the critically-acclaimed 10-week series the “Yiddish Radio Project” on the history of Jewish broadcasting for NPR in the spring of 2002. In 1985 Sapoznik started “KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program” the world’s most important training venue for practitioners of this nearly lost art and, in 1994, co-founded Living Traditions to administer it.
It’s not too late to register! You don’t want to miss all of this great music.

One thought on “Music @ LimmudNY

  1. Henry Sapoznik, man, he wrote the book that we used as a sort of textbook for my Intro to Klezmer class.
    It’s cause of stuff like this I wish I lived in NYC.

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