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Isabella Freedman/Elat Chayyim Announce Merger

The North East’s two best Jewish retreat centers, Isabella Freedman and Elat Chayyim, have come together like Voltron to form one mega-bad-ass Jewish retreat center:

“This merger with Elat Chayyim takes the best of both organizations and transforms them into something extraordinary: a trans-denominational, multi-generational, Jewish retreat center devoted to spiritual growth and building Jewish community,” says Isabella Freedman Executive Director Adam Berman. In addition to running the new Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality, Isabella Freedman will continue to run its Senior Adult Jewish Vacation Center, the ADAMAH Fellowship, and the Jewish Multiracial Network. We will also continue to serve as the fall home of the Teva Learning Center.

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One thought on “Isabella Freedman/Elat Chayyim Announce Merger

  1. Heard this was in the works, and glad to see it. I’ve been to both, and found Isabella Freedman a wonderful place. The Kripalu-esque Ellat Chayyim I found kind of overpriced and dingy, but their programming could get a good refresh from the other camp’s pleasant digs.

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