2 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. i don’t see the point in interfaith.
    it’s too close to proselytzing for me, even if it is two way.
    the whole argument for it is that it helps us respect each other more
    personally, i think this is flawed. i should respect a person because they are a human being, not because i understand their religious beliefs. cause i’m probably not gonna have much love for their religion. but that doesn’t mean i can’t be cool with them, talk to them, and go bowling with them.
    There you go. Instead of all the interfaith talking about each others religious similarities/differences, just go bowling.
    But not on shabbos. ( =

  2. Interfaith, “we are the wolrd, We are the Children”.
    I once had fulfilling interfaith experience, it was in a Fox Hole, and “ALL” Fox Holes are non-denominational. You get to know the Lord real quick.

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