3 thoughts on “Who Would Jesus Elect?

  1. Does anyone remember that church that spoke about peace from the pulpit and got in trouble with the givernment for bringing politics into the church? I think we should get this church too!

  2. My favorite quote from the second article

    The last good time was in the early 1980s, before most of the farms folded like bad card players. The mothers Cheri Dunlop knew had to find work. “They made you feel bad for not doing so,” she says. She blames feminism. Meanwhile, her husband acquired parcels other farmers could no longer make profitable.
    Now the Dunlops own 4,500 acres, one of the biggest — and only — successful family farms in Linn County
    . But despite their prosperity, Cheri Dunlop takes a dark view of the world. “Because mothers are not staying at home and I think that breaks the family down, when the mother is not at home to teach moral values in kids today.”
    The answer to the working-mother problem, she thinks, is stricter morality laws and lower taxes, a combination she refers to simply as “less government.”

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