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Israel Activism 101

In the wake of Israel’s colossal blunder, how can its supporters help defuse the escalating tensions? Maybe, say, apologize for the deaths, work to reverse Israel’s near-total international isolation, and rethink the wisdom of a French fry embargo on Gaza? Or, alternatively, maybe they should stage triumphalist rallies at Turkish consulates while Turkey buries its dead, thus helping push Israel closer to the brink of war?
Which route do you think Israel’s self-proclaimed “defenders” are choosing?

9 thoughts on “Israel Activism 101

    1. Paul Krugman and others have pointed out that the Bush administration’s response (or lack thereof) to Hurricane Katrina wasn’t simple incompetence, but actually strengthened the worldview that they were trying to promote: “Government doesn’t work”.
      Similarly, when the worldview you’re trying to promote is “The whole world is against Israel”…

  1. Of course the Talmud was written before there were Ottomans/Turks in Anatolia. They came from central Asia, and would have been unknown by the writers of the Talmud.

  2. My favorite of all: Now that Turkey has ceased to be Israel’s only ally in the ME, ALL of Turkey’s past crimes (and many they are), from the Armenian Genocide to Northern Cyprus, matter all of a sudden.

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