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Watch as I take this symbol of resistance–and *poof*–it becomes a new symbol of oppression!

Shemspeed should stay in the music business–where, as a music reviewing blogger, I quite like it–and leave the political fashion statements to someone else. They previously released their Israeli keffiyeh earlier this year. Today they proudly announced that they’re also selling a version of their Israeli keffiyeh with familiar yellow and army green colors–the IDF keffiyeh!¬†Seriously.

13 thoughts on “Watch as I take this symbol of resistance–and *poof*–it becomes a new symbol of oppression!

  1. I must confess, I ordered one (before I saw the above entry). Not because of Israel’s choice in how it handled the whole flotilla thing. But because I do wish to support Israel & the soldiers that put their lives on the line to protect her. And, olive green is my favorite color. Call that shallow, but in the interest of total honesty, there it is. I still support Israel as a Jewish state after this mess. And after having recently emerged from Resident Bush’s shadow of bad choices, hopefully this incident will bring about a solid change in voting next time around. Anyway, it’s on pre-sale backorder, & by the time they come in, there will be new drama some where in the world. Hopefully not more with Israel…. Thanks for all you guys do in blogging lot’s of perspectives!

  2. Only by resisting the resistance’s resistors can we end the resistance to the resistance to occupation….and vice versa!

  3. Meh. Its just Erez’s latest attempt to emulate Diddy. The ever changing handles of a performer-cum-producer, posing as a media mogul and now fashion without conscience!
    Way to go Shemspeed! Keep up the mediocre work!

  4. maybe could double as a flotation device, you know, for the soldiers who got thrown overboard? i’m just sayin…

  5. Wow, you guys are haters…. Why throw the baby out with the bath water? Do you really hate the whole IDf so much, just because Israeli leaders are human, like you & I, and royally messed up? And like you, have messed up more than once? I don’t support attacking peace activists, nor do I support posing as a peace activist to attack others! Whatever spot on the earth you come from. You are basically saying you hate ALL Israelis who have ever served. Talk about fair weather friends…. If one at all.

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