Israel: Land of Hot Babes

Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times reflects on what it is that makes Israeli women so damn sexy.

I’ve read countless in-depth analyses of the complex situation in Israel, parsing the various political issues, parties and leaders, revisiting the historical details of wars and conflicts. Yet I don’t remember anyone raising the subject of why Israelis are so damn good-looking. Another dire result of terrorism, I suppose. When you have people periodically blowing themselves up in crowded public places, you can’t very well expect the press to start turning out stories with headlines like: “Israel: Land of Hot Babes.”

But it’s true. And particularly noticeable when you leave Jerusalem, with its hordes of pale Hasidim decked out in acres of black fabric, and go to Tel Aviv, where secularism rules. Women are so good-looking it’s dangerous.

Actually, I kinda dig those “hordes of pale Hasidim.” Something about those payot

16 thoughts on “Israel: Land of Hot Babes

  1. I didn’t realize this fact….I need pictures before I’ll believe this. I’ll be checking back frequently for examples of the hot babes of Israel.

  2. Haifa rocks over TA when it comes to babes. It should be called “Babeylonia.” Party on, Wayne!

  3. someone back me up here: there is nothing more exciting than finding tzitzit under it all when tearing off a guy’s clothes. i mean yes we all know tossing that kippa across the room like a frisbee is fun, but all those holy strings lifted into the air…

  4. I can tell you the secret: it’s that diet of cigarettes and Macabi beer, combined with a strict, all-night, all-weekend trance dancing regimen. The pounds just melt away…

  5. mmm i agree taking off a guys tzitzit is soo sexxy im serious.oy g-d forgive me. and btw its known that the weather there is really good for u. peace out

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