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Israeli Crazy Chef occupies YouTube

Just when you thought Zionist propaganda couldn’t get any more distasteful than comparing Israel to a small penis, here comes Israeli Crazy Chef to push you even further away from the Jewish state.

I can only imagine the pitch meeting: “What if the Swedish Chef was a Zionist?” “But the Swedish Chef is kind of a psycho, totally unaware of the havoc he’s wreaking on everyone around him while he’s trying to make his meal.” “Exactly! It’s perfect!”
I’ll admit, after watching the first one I stumbled across (“Jew Bread“), I turned to my office-mate and asked if she tell whether this was anti-Semitic or Zionist. After watching a few more, I think the answer is clearly “both.”

It’s like a train wreck… Each clip I watch repulses me in new and different ways, but I can’t look away…
So the the question is… who’s funding/making/distributing these?

10 thoughts on “Israeli Crazy Chef occupies YouTube

  1. I noticed that too. When you go through the videos you see a lot of messed up simple facts like that.

  2. i just picked up the line that everyone thrives in Israel… and apparently according to the second video homosexuals have lots to be proud of, like their role in fashion and media… oy vey.

  3. Wow. This is extremely weird and offensive. Its scary to think that there is a group of people who are funding and approving these type of ideas. Its also misleading. While Israel does have a good record when it comes to gay rights, and acceptance of gay people in society, there’s recently been very troubling signs, like when the Deputy Prime Minister for Internal Affairs referred to gays as sick and called for an end to the parade in Tel Aviv.

  4. Well look at it this way, Israel is not so popular right now. The Israeli government can either end the occupation and enable liberty and justice for all, or make stupid hasbara videos that only a die-hard Zionist could love. Seems like a simple choice, no?

  5. Jim Henson should sue from beyond the grave. Repulsive content aside, it’s just bad puppeteering…

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