Israeli Settlers Busted Growin’ The Ganja Greens

In an aptly named drug bust called ‘Operation Green Leaf,’ some 50 Judea and Samaria policemen pounced on the settlement of Alei Zahav (Gold Leaves) Tuesday night and arrested nine residents for possessing illegal drugs.

After two months of undercover work, police raided 10 homes, netting about 600 grams of marijuana and several dozen Ecstasy pills. They also seized several hundred rounds of ammunition.

Man, that’s a damn shame. They shoulda voted Ale Yarok. (c/o The View from Here)

One thought on “Israeli Settlers Busted Growin’ The Ganja Greens

  1. it is no exaggeration at all to say that this is kind of thing is the most serious impediment to peace in the middle east right now.

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