Israeli Street Art Roundup

Nir Aharon is a Beer Sheva native and a graduate of the Vital Center for Design Studies in Tel Aviv. An Israeli street artist, his latest project depicts “images of women in fairy tales as reflected in the 21st century.”

Check out his website to see more of his work. (c/o Wooster Collective)

For more rockin’ Israeli street art, also check out the work of R*A*S and Rami Meiri, as well as these peculiar circut box paintings from Ramat Gan: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Incidentally, while hunting for Israeli street art online, I also came across an interesting article on political graffiti in Israel from the World Zionist Organization. To see some politically-charged street art, check out the shots from April 1st’s Artists Without Walls event, and well, this shot and this shot from Velvet Art’s Fotolog.

Know of any more Israeli street artists? Hit us off with some links in the comments…

One thought on “Israeli Street Art Roundup

  1. Loved the trompe l’oeil circuit-box paintings. They really jazz up the sidewalk! I’m tempted to set off and “revitalize” the nearest circuit box myself!

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