Israeli Takes The Crown In International Drug Runner Beauty Pageant

The AP reports,

On a red-carpeted catwalk, an international line of elegantly dressed beauty contestants – all doing time for drug running – strutted into the night before an audience of Peruvian dignitaries.

Lee Hefegtz, a 20-year-old blonde Israeli awaiting sentence on drug trafficking charges, was the winner of this year’s 10th annual beauty contest Tuesday night at Santa Monica Women’s Prison in Lima’s Chorrillos district.

Belying a “drug mule” moniker used to refer to their crimes, Hefegtz and the other contestants were judged not only on their looks, but also on artistic ability, personality and poise strutting before the cameras.

Click here for more photos from the pageant.

6 thoughts on “Israeli Takes The Crown In International Drug Runner Beauty Pageant

  1. Thank you Jewschool, for enlightening my Jewish world. No, really. Yes I’m being serious. Who else would find, let alone post something like that? Nevertheless, it earns a WTF? 😀

  2. I am not sure what is more disturbing. That an Israeli won the ‘crown’ or that it was the 10th annual pageant.
    Must be an very interesting life to be a Peruvian dignitary.

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