Israelis Arrested For Attempting To Sell Palestinian Land

Haaretz reports,

Police investigators arrested three suspects last week – including a member of the Likud’s Central Committee – on suspicion of planning to use forged documents to sell land belonging to absentee Palestinian owners to an American millionaire.

The three allegedly planned to sell land amounting to 92 dunams (about 23 acres) between Jerusalem and the West Bank town of Beit Sahur for $10 million, according to Superintendent Aharon Gilor, head of the police fraud squad’s northern division.

Full story.

I wonder if there’s any relationship to this and this.

3 thoughts on “Israelis Arrested For Attempting To Sell Palestinian Land

  1. I’m not exactly clear how the Justice Ministry can say:
    This decision is not legally defensible, that it cannot stand up to either Israeli or international law
    and yet not continue to the logical conclusion that the 1950 Absentee Property Law itself is invalid

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