Israelis Win Nobel Prize

Don’t get excited. It wasn’t the refuseniks. Rather, two Israeli chemists won the Nobel Prize in science Wednesday for discovering how cells can “destroy unwanted proteins, a finding that could help scientists find new medicines for cancer and other diseases.” It is the first time an Israeli (let alone two) has been awarded the coveted prize. The third prize winner, along with the Israelis, was an American Jew.

5 thoughts on “Israelis Win Nobel Prize

  1. congrats to israel. the science awards seem to be the one area where the nobel prizes havent been politicized and captured by the left, and true merit actuall prevails. that it were so in the peace/literature areas.

  2. It’s surprising that this is the first time we have won the Nobel in a science catagory (especially considering all the amazing things coming out of Technion). Congrats to all three!

  3. Having two Israeli scientists win the Nobel Prize in their field is a welcome follow-up story to the Olympic Gold Medal won by Gal Friedman, still fresh in our memories. Further proff to the Jew-haters of the world that our people are strong and we are successful in whatever we do.
    As for the refuseniks, Natan Sharansky is a personal inspiration to me, because my family also came from Russia. Despite his short height, his leadership is needed to prevent Ariel Sharon’s undemocratic land-giveaway plan.

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