Italian Jews Negotiate Libyan Reparations

Arabic News reports,

Libya’s leader Muammar al-Qathafi received an Italian Jewish delegation to discuss the possibility of paying compensations for the Jews who went outside Libya following the Israeli attack of 1967. It is considered the first official meeting held in Libya with representatives for 6,000 Libyan Jews who left the country after 1967.


The Italian daily “La Republica” yesterday quoted members of the Jewish delegation describing, as they were leaving Rome on Sunday to Tripoli, that the visit is an important opening. The paper quoted the Jewish leader Lion Baserman as saying that “al-Qathafi said to the chairman of the committee: you are Libya’s brothers.”

Here’s a recent JTA article on the Libyan Jewish population surge in Italy. See previously Kadhafi’s Son Invites Jewish Emigrés Back To Libya.

One thought on “Italian Jews Negotiate Libyan Reparations

  1. first of all . i would like to present my self at first . i am a libyan girl . i am 18 years old and live in tripoli . and i am a berber girl . i am so looking forward to see jewish peole back in my country as they are libyans . me and all my amazigh friends believe that it is their right to ask for compensation . also have the right to return . we have no bad feelings to jewish people . in my point of view . if there was a problem . it was caused by arabs . we berber people have lived together with jewish for decades till the arival of arabs .we still consider them as our brothers and sisters . we will be happy to have them back . we berber people . are different and so is our point of view. thanks

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