It's All Happening At The Zoo

Crazy Orthodox Jews. First they riot in the streets and then they try to feed animals their leftover Chametz. I suppose the ebay auctions didn’t pan out. New York Magazine has the story: City’s Zoo Monkeys Fattened Up on Hametz From Orthodox Jews.

Observant Jews have till Wednesday to clear their houses of hametz (leavened products) before Passover, and every year many of them take their castoffs to the zoo. Baffled zoo staff note that the snow monkeys are the main beneficiaries of the pre-holiday pig-out, apparently because the polar bear’s glass wall is too high and the sea lions would only be interested if offered gefilte fish. “If a big group comes in carrying bags, admission is going to notice,” says zoo spokesperson Kate McIntyre.

The best part is when they get a quote from Rabbi Moshe Elefant of Orthodox Union. Cause he’s Rabbi Elefant.

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