Welcome, Little Moshe

Perhaps borrowing an idea from her BFF Esther, Gwyneth Paltrow named her newborn son Moses.
Little Moses Martin’s mommy and daddy haven’t had a press conference yet, although the speculation is that the baby’s name has to do with Coldplay’s song “Moses.” Their other kid is named Apple, which could be Jewish symbolism, but I doubt it.
Now, what do you think Angelina and Brad are going to name their kid?

8 thoughts on “Welcome, Little Moshe

  1. Well, if all these celebrity couples would just take a cue from the media and use their catchy name combinations, they wouldn’t have to worry about it.
    So, “Brangelina” if it’s a girl, and…uhh, “Angelad” if it’s a boy.
    Let’s hope it’s a girl.

  2. According to a Forward article from a long time ago, Gwynneth is a descendent (on her father’s side) of prominent Hugarian rabbis. So it might be that she’s naming the child for her Zayde, not for Madonna.

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