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It's not as black and white as you think

The Canadian Muslim Congress condemns Hamas for using the Palestinian people as “human bait.”
Daily News Egypt and Qatar’s Al Arab publish a peice accusing Hamas of ignoring the Palestinian people in favor of a pissing contest with Israel. [Editor’s Note: You can read the article’s author’s blog here for more progressive Muslim thoughts. Her story is getting picked up everywhere, thankfully.] Iranian newspaper sympathizes with Israel and gets closed by the government. Meanwhile, Iranian Jews protest the IDF bombing (possibly a ruse, possibly real).
From Rassmussen polling: Half of Americans believe Israel’s actions will increase terrorism against the States. Sixty-two percent (62%) of men say the Palestinians are to blame versus 48% of women.
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6 thoughts on “It's not as black and white as you think

  1. Regarding the Rassumussen poll – so what? Who cares what people think about what will increase terrorism or not – their opinions don’t actually have anything to do with what will or will not increase terrorism anywhere. It’s a ridiculous, pointless poll.

  2. LB, Israel exists and defends itself at the permission of the States. This war is undermining American support for Israel, since Americans will do what they believe is best for their own safety. Israel air bombs Hamas and it air bombs its long-term interests.
    Nothing can be taken for granted.

  3. But to what extent is it really grey? It’s a question I’m asking myself these last few days ever since the ground assault has commenced.
    I remember when the second war with Lebanon took place I was thinking that even though Israel is in the wrong, retaliating the way they did, every nation would have reacted the same.
    But this time around I can’t find any reason (and in reason I probably mean logic).
    A couple of days ago I’ve seen that a friend of mine in Israel had joined a facebook group that seeks to “uncover the Palestinian lies” or something of that kind which made me wonder why do the people in Israel are so preoccupied with these sort of matters? Isn’t it simply a way to turn a blind eye? The number of civil deaths in Gaza rise by the hour at the end of the day…
    And this is the point I was trying to make- yes, it isn’t all that black and white, but at the same time the Israeli army is responsible for all these deaths.

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