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Molotov Aftermath in Chicago

No new word on the firebombing of Chicago’s Temple Sholom this past Monday, but police seem to still be treating it as a hate crime, likely in response to the crisis in Gaza. A few blessings in the aftermath: no one was hurt and there was minimal damage to the synagogue.
An even bigger blessing is the very public support and concern Temple Sholom is receiving from Chicago’s interfaith community. Here’s a statement released today by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago:

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago is saddened and disturbed by an anti-Semitic incident that took place at Temple Sholom, one of Chicago’s oldest synagogues, earlier this week.
“I heard about the incident on the radio on my drive into work on Monday and the first thing I did was to call information, get Temple Sholom’s number and call them to express my concern” said Junaid M. Afeef, Executive Director of the Council.  “It was 7:20 am so I had to leave a message but later in the day I followed up with an email to Temple Sholom’s rabbis and its executive director with a message of concern and an offer to help in any way possible on behalf of the Muslim community” added Afeef.
The American-Muslim community, through the Council, stands ready to support Temple Sholom and its congregants.  The Council is an strong advocate of peace, tolerance and justice and will stand by the Jewish community against any act of anti-Semitism.

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