It's sad when this is what New York and Iowa have in common…(and it's not just that most of our kosher meat comes from there)

Did anyone else here about this back in February?  NYU’s College Republicans decided to hold a little consciousness raising event about illegal immigration- by inviting the NYU community to take part in a mock hunt of illegal immigrants in the middle of Washington Square Park. Fun!The event was such a big success that a number of other schools decided to hold a similar event, including the University of Pennsylvania. The College Republicans at the University of Iowa scheduled their own for this June, but the subsequent outrage actually forced them to cancel.
This is where my friend, (former) New Yorker, immigration attorney and awesome rabble rouser, Ferzana Hashmi stepped in. After moving from New York to Iowa (gevald!) over a year ago, Ferzana opened her own small law firm specializing in immigration. As the child of immigrants (from Pakistan and Tanzania) and as a person of color, and a Muslim in Iowa, Ferzana has made it her business to stick up for immigrants’ rights and to bring a little balance to an often over-heated discussion.  Iowa isn’t just a front-line of immigration debate (and reaction) it’s also a testing ground for political candidates and their positions– as we’re reminded as the Iowa caucus starts to get closer.
Ferzana and her law firm designed a day long game,  taking place this Saturday, as a response to the Young Republicans ‘Find an Illegal Immigrant’ event. Her game is called ‘Find a Legal Way to Immigrate’ and players will be using a life sized board with the goal of immigrating– the winner being the one who finds a way to do it in under 10 years!
If there any Jewschoolers in Des Moines, come out to show your support for humane immigration reform, and take part in the bbq and Immigration Game this Saturday from 2-8 pm at Pete Crivaro Park in Des Moines.
 And kol ha’kavod Ferzana!

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