• CNN: “A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by outed spy Valerie Plame and her husband against Vice President Dick Cheney and other top Bush administration officials.”
  • Rudy Giuliani named Norman Podhoretz and Martin Kramer — advocates of the U.S.’s biggest foreign policy blunder in its history — his top foreign policy advisers.
  • Amy Goodman: “Nearly half of all foreign militants targeting U.S. troops in Iraq have come from Saudi Arabia — an inconvenient truth for the White House papered over with the lie that Iran is the chief instigator.”
  • Haaretz reports that 19 Israeli families now control 1/3rd of the country’s economy.
  • Muslim congressman Keith Ellison cries foul after ADL condemns him for making apt, if politically unfortunate, comparison.
  • Get mincha on your iPhone.
  • Matisyahu goes ex-Lubi? Tells Miami New Times blogger, “My initial ties were through the Lubovitch sect. […] At this point, I don’t necessarily identify with it any more.
  • Amy Winehouse spit on her fans at a recent performance in London.

8 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. Haaretz did not say what is quoted above – “The index also does not take into account the family’s share of ownership in the companies, but only the total income of the firms.” The poorly written article, intended to be another far left slam on Israel (does anyone else think Haaretz, the Guardian, and the NY Times are some of the worst generators of anti Israeli anti Jewish sentiment in the world?)ultimately seems to be saying that companies controlled by 19 families generate 1/3 of the total income generated by Israel’s top 500 companies. BFD

  2. Matisyahu may be branching out a little. He says he’s doing a whole album based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman, which im super excited about. apparently he and his band are kinda moving away from doing reggae type stuff and mixing it up more. im excited about the new album. “Youth”,even though i really liked it, seemed too rushed, I’m glad they’re taking more time out for this one.

  3. According to the poster, Muslim cogressman Ellison made an “apt” comparison by comparing Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag and blaming that on the Jews, and 911 (presumably indicating that 9/11 was actually Bush’s doing so he could turn the populace to his favor). Apt??????????

  4. that is NOT what ellison said… he said that hitler used the burning of the reichstag as an opportunity to consolidate power around himself, which is precisely what bush did post-9/11. in fact, bush just signed an executive order declaring himself emperor in the event of another attack on US soil. so yes, APT.

  5. oh, and who are you kidding about haaretz being far-left and anti-israel? there’s a big difference between being a patriot and being a sycophant.

  6. So, FOxman is a fool who is biting himself in the a** by demanding apologies from someone who dared to use the holy HOlocaust as a comparion to some other historical occurence? Shocking.
    Now, the Amy WInhouse thing is more interesting- if you go tothe link, the comments about her are really angry – and overtly sexula most of the time. I feel bad for the girl – she clearly has a drug problem *Shrug* My advice- listen to the recordings, skip the live shows. Avoids all the moisture.
    Finally mincha.com’s files are photo or .pdf, so presumably anyone who has a reasonably viewable screen should be able to use them.

  7. Geez, now wanting Israel NOT to be a “fiefdom”, as one of the commenters so eloquently put it, is being anti-Israel? I guess lamenting the exact same situation in the US is anti-American, no doubt. Is there something wrong with pointing out that in spite of well-intentioned philanthropic efforts, people like Haim Saban and Bill Gates remain completely well-off in their apportioned sectors of the economy while the multitudes in New Orleans and Sderot are STILL suffering? Which the article didn’t exactly do, but that’s still food (hmm…) for thought.

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