JDub Seeking Interns

JDub Records, a non-profit record label and event production company promoting new Jewish music, is currently looking for part-time interns for our Fall Internship Program, which will run from September through December. We are looking for several interns, each of which will fulfill a very specific role at JDub.
We are looking for 3 types of fabulous interns.
1. Management interns to be involved in coordinating artists schedules, tour management, and keeping things organized in a very busy environment.
2. Record label interns to help keep our office organized and running smoothly. Interns will help out with basic administrative duties and will work on a number of projects that range from event production and tour management, to marketing and promotion.
3. Graphic design and web development interns to help with general marketing materials, websites, tour materials, and merchandise. The time requirement for this position may be less.
All applicants should have excellent organizational and communication skills. Proficiency on the computer is especially important and knowledge on both Mac and PC is preferred. Programming experience is a plus.
There is a requirement of 15 to 20 hours per week, and please be advised that these positions are unpaid, but not without perks! Also, we’re more than happy to accommodate your school’s requirements to obtain college credit.
Those interested in a career in the music industry and/or the non-profit sector are encouraged to apply.
For more information, visit jdubrecords.org.
To apply, send a cover letter and resume here.

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