Jewschool Goes To Howl! — Day 5

Kosher ChiXXX
by David Kelsey
There was a time when the 14th Street Y seemed all but oblivious to the fact that they are physically located in the epicenter of the alternative Jewish culture scene.
That time is over.
Susan Lyddon and Alyssa Abrahamson are running that aspect of the Y, and these chicks are out for dominance. Abrahamson, the Director of Arts, Jewish Culture, and Adult Education, who describes herself as a “Jewish Punk Rocker” on her Friendster profile, is responsible for the Y’s participation in Howl, and the programming of “Jewbilation!”
“I’m basically bringing together my personal and professional world.”
Her world includes burlesque, and Thursday was Kosher ChiXXX, the only all-Jewish burlesque show in the Diaspora, at the Y for the second year in a row.
Raven Snook, the co-creator pf Kosher Chixx with Abrahamson, was busy with her new child, but Allison Tilsen did a great job filling her, um, shoes as Hostess.
The choice of musical background was particularly smart, including use of the Barry Sisters in a way our bubbies might never have imagined, or at least we don’t want to think about it if they did. Dottie Lux performed her strip tease while playing Hava Negilah on the accordion. But as if that wasn’t enough of a twist, she played a prima donna stripping while playing Hava Negillah on the accordion. When the audience began to clap, she stopped playing, glared at the audience, and shook her head “no.” For we were not getting it. Later, when an insistent audience member started clapping again, she started playing slower to discourage him.
Little Brooklyn proved hilarious as well, with a strip tease that included a devolving magic show, as well as an encore presentation as a mechanic.
All the girls were obviously seasoned performers, whose talents exceed but do include the ability to twirl their nipple tassels in unison.
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2 thoughts on “Jewschool Goes To Howl! — Day 5

  1. Talk about “sexual Zionism”! There it is in all its zoftig glory. I’m moving to a settlement today! The Almighty shows his will in manifold ways: my spamblock word is “developed”. I’ll say!

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