Jeremiah Fellows in LA

“And seek the well-being of the city in which you dwell… for in its peace you shall find peace.” – Jeremiah 29.7
Prog Jew Alliance logoWord up to the West Coast (my home!) — where the Progressive Jewish Alliance is now accepting applications for the Jeremiah Fellows program, due October 22nd, which “educates and trains a select cohort of young adults to become the next generation of Jewish social justice leaders.”
From their site: During the course of one year Fellows come together twice monthly to discuss different models of putting ethics and values into action, for intimate conversations with major leaders in the Los Angeles Jewish and social justice worlds, and for intensive study of Jewish history and texts. Three fellowship retreats during this year offer in-depth trainings on practical professional and leadership skills, study of Jewish tradition and history, as well as foster community among the participants.
More information here and here; application here.

4 thoughts on “Jeremiah Fellows in LA

  1. Just looked at PJA home page. I always thought progressive implied new thoughts, new ways of dealing with old problems – to the “Progressive” Jewish alliance it means buying the old fashioned Muslim view of the middle east – tear down those walls (forget they are saving Jewish lives); make Jerusalem the capitol of both Israel and Palestine (yeah, let’s reward the Muslims for years of murdering Jewish babies); move Jews out of the “Occupied” Territories (hey if they could get rid of Jews in Nazi Germany should the Muslims be entitled to any less).
    I guess the PJA is the half way house to becoming Adam Shapiro.

  2. You throw mud needlessly. PJA is pretty moderate and sensible. I don’t see anywhere in their policy statement about tearing down the separation wall, or any suggestion of pandering to “Muslims”, and any comparisons to Nazis. Adam Shapiro believes in the Right of Return — the PJA specifically says no.
    Why is it that any time the slightest bit of moderate language creeps into ideas about the Middle East conflict, some rightie has got to cry Nazi? Or Adam Shapiro?
    Furthermore, the “old fashioned Muslim view of the Middle East” that PJA proposes are the same opinions that most American Jews hold on the conflict — restart the peace process, return the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem to Palestinian governance, etc. Many polls from multiple sources are here for your re-education:

  3. Kung Fu – regarding the walls, the following pasted from the PJA policy statement: Immediate and unconditional cessation of barriers, roadblocks, house demolitions and similar measures in and around Palestinian towns and villages that interfere with the health, well being and dignity of the Palestinian people.
    Please note I am not accusing PJA of being Nazi-like, I’m sure they are well intentioned do gooders. But as the cliche goes, one of the indications of insanity is doing the same exact thing multiple times and expecting different results.
    How many times has Israel not responded to murderous attacks, or responded facetiously with the bombing of an empty building? How many times has Israel continued to negotiate while atrocities are being committed against her?
    The other day I listened to a woman cofounder of Peace Now in Israel (on of course every anti semite’s favorite station KPFA), she criticized in equal terms Muslim terror attacks and Israeli targeted bombings.
    The problem with the left is they have lost moral clarity – if you can no longer tell the difference between the murder of Jewish babies and the attempted killing of the murderers of those babies, then you are adrift – both from Jewish values, and human values.
    It is not a Jewish value to turn the other cheek, that’s Xtianity – we believe in responding to outrage. So KFJ, come back to reality, come back to our values, come back to common sense – you can’t deal with those who think you are the sons of apes and monkeys and believe they have a moral right to subjugate you – and until that changes, the only possible response is firmness, and military strength. Once the Muslims leave the 14th Century and join the 21st (actually probably the 19th is enough), we will have a partner to negotiate with. Until then, keep your powder dry!

  4. PJA says “in and around Palestinian towns” and not along the borders, and makes a lot of statements about a “secure” Israel. And killing murders is fine (to me) given due process and zero collateral damage — which is not the case in Israeli retaliations. You are difficult to argue with because you seem to lack nuance. It’s either Nazis or Jewish babies.
    I find violent retaliation the only policy in the Middle East which has truly proven its ineffectiveness. Egypt and Jordan’s peace agreements on the other hand were the best things that happened in regional politics, in Israel’s favor, I mean.
    Acceptance of the status quo is an acceptance of suicide bombings and Qassams as necessary evils in maintaining an aimless control of the territories, showing a naive belief that Israel’s temporary military superiority is infallible. Your suggestion is unhelpful: subjugate the Palestinians and engender further revolt.
    Luckily, the preliminaries to negotiations are scheduled for November, putting PJA on the same page as Olmert. For those who are a bit tired of spending Israeli soldiers and civilians on a fruitless occupation, it’s time to apply the one security-making device that has actually worked for Israelis: negotiations.

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