5 thoughts on “Jerusalem chosen for International LGBT parade

  1. there have been gay pride parades in Jerusalem before without incident, and there are annual parades in Tel Aviv. So, hopefully there won’t be a problem.
    “Moshe Hummer, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish city official, called the planned march a “demonstration of sick people.” Most Orthodox Jews accept the Biblical description of homosexual relations as an “abomination.”
    Hagai El-Ad, one of the parade organizers, said the hostile comments against the gay community only showed why the parade was necessary. El-Ad estimated there were 50,000 gays and lesbians among Jerusalem’s 600,000 residents.
    “We would like to hold a different parade in Jerusalem, with other symbolic meanings — a parade we feel is both necessary and possible, a parade for Palestinians and Israelis,” El-Ad said. About one third of the city’s residents are Palestinians, living in the eastern part of the city claimed by the Palestinians as the capital of a future state. Israel claims the whole city. “

  2. I dont care how you feel about Homosexuality or the Torah, but to choose the holiest city (and most religious) in Judaism as a site for an INTERNATIONAL flaunting of hmosexuality is appalling.
    After all the hue and cry for ‘tolerance’ and ‘sensitivity’ on the Left, they show precious little of it.
    Isnt there a single less provocative place in the world to do this? Must one shove their controversial ideology in the face of those who wish to be left alone? Why not do it in Vatican city?
    The fact that they chose this simply shows that it is more an issue of shoving it down peoples throats than celebrating. I guarantee that if it were planned for San Fran that there would be far more participants, logistical support, and far less controversy. they chose Jerusalem in order to stick it in the face of people who disagree. This type of militancy removes any possibility of ‘tolerance’ by religious people who may be considering it. Since they realize it has less to do with ‘Live and let live’ than ‘My way or the highway’.
    Sick, sick, sick.

  3. This behaviour is one of the main reasons that jewish blood is still again and again being spilled in and outside Israel. G-d has been very clear if jews do not keep the Torah they will be thrown out of Israel by the gentiles.
    Jewish homo’s and lesbians are directly to blaim for the dead and wounded of past years bomb attacks.

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