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Jerusalemite Cracks Bad Joke, Causes Terror Scare

NBC 30 reports,

A Bloomfield [sic] was arrested Sunday after police said he threatened to blow up a rental car company.
Police said Yoav Friedmann [a Rechavia resident] was on a shuttle bus from Bradley International Airport and he asked the shuttle bus driver about international flights arriving and departing from the airport. When the driver changed the subject and asked Friedmann if he was sure the rental company had a reservation for him, Friedmann allegedly replied, “They had better or I’m going to blow the place up.”

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One thought on “Jerusalemite Cracks Bad Joke, Causes Terror Scare

  1. So, has virtually everyone in the world joined the thoughtcrime police department? So what if Friedmann actually said it? So what if two Muslims on the plane in Malaga weren’t wearing flipflops (which is what some schmuck Brit remarked about when the two were arrested).
    My “Who Would Jesus Torture” tee-shirt brought me a small amount of grief at an airport a couple of months ago. Can’t wait to see if my Gush Shalom one will cause any short-circuiting at another airport this weekend.
    Fascism, everyone?

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