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Stop already with the Kabbalah Water!

Yediot Aharonot reports:

Pop star urges government to use ‘mystical’ Kabbalah fluid to clean up radioactive waste
Pop star Madonna has urged the British government to use a mystical Kabbalah fluid to clean up radioactive waste, The Scotsman website has reported. According to the report, Madonna is a keen follower of the Jewish spiritual movement “which believes that water can receive magic healing powers through ‘meditations and the consciousness of sharing’.”

Representatives for British Nuclear Fuels said they could not find “scientific proof” as to the efficacy of the water in cleaning nuclear waste, however, the communications director of their waste management wing “insists they would be open to listen to the couple’s ideas.”
This would just be a funny thing to laugh at and to brush off, to categorize with mishegaas the likes of “Dancing Fat Baby” and “” if people weren’t taking it seriously. Higher-ups at the Kabbalah Center — its director excluded — have already reportedly made claims “that the drink has the power to heal diseases such as cancer and AIDS”.
Infusing “magic healing powers” into water via the “consciousness of sharing”?
While I’m not reposting it, everyone knows about the October 2005 case where the elderly cancer patient spent NIS 36,000 and then died — placing all her money and faith in the Kabbalah water.
Will the UK have a nuclear cleanup scandal where BNFL ends up with egg on their face like Katherine Harris, the former Florida Secretary of State, after she spent months developing test protocols for “Celestial Drops” to battle the state’s canker problem?
We all know how that one turned out.
I would hope that, for the sake of saving lives, for the sake of humanity, the people selling this stuff would stop making such claims. Would G-d — the ultimate Originator of Kabbalah — be ç”Ã¥played out for $3.80?

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