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Jesus Also Told Us To Offer Fewer Royalties To Our Authors

Publisher’s Weekly reports,

When [publisher] Thomas Nelson announced its new One Company initiative, which will eliminate all 21 of its imprints, at an all-employee meeting on October 13, executives also revealed that a theological “content filter” would be in place for future acquisitions. While the company will honor all existing contracts with previously acquired authors, future contracts will require authors—even those writing in non-religion categories like business—to signal their agreement with both the Nicene Creed (recognized by most Protestant and Catholic, and some Orthodox, Christians) and Philippians 4:8 from the New Testament.

Yeah, I have no real comment on this.
EDIT: But GalleyCat brings the snark.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Also Told Us To Offer Fewer Royalties To Our Authors

  1. It is truly shocking that a Cristian publisher would insist on publishing Christian works. What’s next, a Leftist website that features Leftist posts?

  2. Christians – reactionary? what a surprise. I remember reading some LAX story about some fundamentalist preacher raising the specific type of cattle to ship to Israel when the 2nd coming comes.
    My last blog touched on this – Christians are getting wacky, for good reason, the worlds getting pretty crazy and things just ain’t so clear anymore…..

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