Jewish Activist Sells Sweat Free Gear

Check out No Sweat, a clothing company

… launched in October of 2002 by CEO Adam Neiman, his wife and V.P. Natalia Muina, and COO Anne O’Loughlin with an eye toward the fair marketing of solely union-made wear. Formed as an alternative to all the Nikes and Gaps out there, which are often criticized for labor practices, the company, which today employs four full-time workers, has attracted customers in all 50 US states, 36 countries and six continents solely by word of mouth, with no advertising or publicity. Products include outer, business and casual wear and athletic, women’s and kids clothing, which include tees and tanks, fleeces, sweats and hoodies, workout clothing, crews, polo and twill shirts, jeans and denim, and accessories and music items as well.

[…] [Neiman] became more Jewishly observant when his son, Raphael, was born. “His second-grade teacher at the Rashi School, Stephanie Rotsky, kept sending home assignments with probing questions about social justice and tzedakah. Neiman, who had founded the Rosebud Roofing Company in 1986, asked himself, “what am I myself doing? What could I do to change the world, and hopefully make a living, that might best utilize the abilities I have?” He located people in the progressive movement who were interested in the formation of a fair trade fashion company. “Jews have always been on all sides of the schmatah business, labor and manufacturing,” he quipped. “It seemed like a logical step to pull both halves together.”

Full story. (c/o Arieh)

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