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Jewish Blogging – From Mogadishu, Somalia

I was introduced to a blogger today who might have forever gone unnoticed in the Jewish blogosphere. A blogger who, honestly, may have lived and died, without so much as a blurb in the news media.
Avraham lives in Mogadishu, Somalia. A 19 year old young man who lives with his mother, he paints out a picture of what his daily life is like as a “Yahud” in Mogadishu where, in his words, 99% of the people are Muslim.
He speaks nostalgically of back when “the government used to have control” of the Islamic courts, and daydreams sometimes about returning to Yemen — where there are at least “more Jewish people”. But he knows, he could never leave his mother (presumably, alone) in Mogadishu.
A blog from a point of view I have never heard before, which really puts words like “exile” and even the entire holiday of Purim into a new perspective for me. I only hope Avraham can keep blogging.
Meet Avraham and his mother. Visit

24 thoughts on “Jewish Blogging – From Mogadishu, Somalia

  1. Fascinating blog from Mogadishu. This is what “citizen jounralism” is meant to be. It puts the slick professional sites to shame.
    FYI: I think Avraham was actually writing with nostalgia for when the Union of Islamic Courts was in control of Mogadishu in the fall — at least they kept the peace between the warlords that ruled the city since Siad Baare’s downfall. If he’s 19 years old, he can’t possibly remember a functioning government in Somalia.

  2. Heart-wrenching to read and at the same time full of hope. One hope I can’t get out of my head is for them to make it to E”Y.

  3. I’m going out of my mind reading that blog, it makes me want to cry — hysterically.
    It’s so sad. To him, it’s just “daily living”.

  4. Good afternoon folks
    This is a sad blog I tell ya. I am glad people all around the world are recording the atrocities happening in Somalia – only time will tell how Somalia will recover from these tragic times.
    Say….I don’t mean to be rude but some issues need to be addressed about this blogger. [Someone already touched on the first issue]
    First Issue: How come he remembers or quotes soo much about the collapse of the somali government from the tender age of 4 years old (He says he is 19; the civil war in Somalia begun in 1992; subtract that from his age – he must have been born in 1988/89, am I right?)
    Second Issue: Why hasn’t he not mentioned anything about the diaspora of the christian minorities in Somalia? It seems to me he covered almost everyone else.
    Third Issue: Someone needs to ask him if he remembers FIFA World Cup 1990? If he does, he must be hiding his real age and/or intentions.

  5. @Jaamac
    1. How do you know what YOUR society was like at the time YOU were born? Someone told you about it, or you read it in a book?
    2. Because he’s jewish and covers the jewish history and the current situation.
    3. See no. 1.

  6. To Jamaac.
    He is Jewish and he is writing about how his life as Jewish person living in a Islamic country !
    Come on, didn’t your parents tell how your society looked like when you were little ? Mine did 🙂 And i even know how life in the 1800 century was like!!!

  7. I too was skeptical at first, but he sounds really knowledgeable about the situation.
    If he is not actually Somali, he has certainly lived in Somalia for a long time.
    And as far as Jaamac’s questions his mom probably told him and he learned from readings books.
    This is how I know about stuff that happened when i was born.

  8. The skepticism I’m seeing here SERIOUSLY disturbs me, this is potentially a young man’s only voice, — this is NOT the time for suspicion. If anything, we should be sending airline tickets and hoping he responds!

  9. Dear all:
    My initial post was not meant to question Avraham’s blog. I just doubted Y-Love’s reading of it. (With respect, of course.) When Avraham wrote:
    ” i can say for 90% that we had it better when the city was in control of maxkamida islamka (islamic courts). at least we had peace. and poeple could move freely, and live in peace, or buy food in peace.”
    I think he is referring to a time when the city was in the control of the Union of Islamic Courts — an Islamist militia that came to power in Mogadishu last year. for the 15-odd years before this, the city was controlled by clashing warlords, The Islamic Courts, as a political faction, did not exist before 1992 and the city’s individual religious courts didn’t constitute a major political or societal threat during the Siad Baare years.

  10. I doubt Ibraahin is a Jewish boy living in Mogadishu. To beging with he claims to be a Somali clan called Shanshi who are 100% muslim and don’t have Jewish origins. Some of the most respected Sheikhs of the past 200 years in Mogadishu are from this clan.

  11. waryaa hassan i myself from mogadishu, there were yemeni yahuudi(jews) who were living mogadishu especially hamarweyne and shingaani, if you know what iam talking about.
    yemeni yahuudi communitys in mogadishu were living there in hundred of years,but most of them immigranted to isreal 1960s and 70s, but i myself doub it if mr ibraahim yahuud from mogadishu is realy living there. if hes, i whish him best and happy life.and no matter if hes yahuud or muslim kristaan , only think is matter is hes soomaali.

  12. I did not believe this Ibrahim is Jew there where no Jew in Somalia now or before Yibir are original Israelites but they now 100% Muslim I am not young man I traveled extensively in Somali in 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990. Sanshi are probably from Oman or Portugal not Israelites,

  13. I feel so sorry for you i think thats discrimination and you should be allowed to practice your religion in the open. you should stand up for yourself.
    My advice is to leave somalia and go to israel canada or america where there will be more jews to communicate with. im from somalia and those guys fight over tribes and if they find out about you something bad will happen and trust me im not anti- semitest ( spelling might be wrong). You should go to Israel with your mother i wish you the best of luck.

  14. Am Somalian living sometime in Mogadishu, I had a jewish
    friend who was hiding yemani origin , I don’t now you can
    find jewish people living in Mogdishu

  15. Hi, Jan17/10,
    I am Somali too and Mormon but I live in USA. I was realy
    supprised the ignoraces and anti-semitisim that many people have
    about this young boy.
    (1)- Don’t you know that there is many clans are has Israelit
    orgine. Somalia is at sharp horn of Africa so it always a
    Door of immgrants from Middle East and South Asia such as
    India to came. Now, look at this small clans who now became
    branches of big tribe who there share with land; for example
    A branch of Mursada-Hawiye tribe is called IRAFEAl, and legend
    tells that they one day came from sea. An other one is IMRAAN
    which became part of ISAK, and other one is HATIM YAHUUDI in
    Marka area, an other one BEYDISLE at Ethiopian boarder,who
    they orginal name was Betisrael. an other one is BAADI-AD
    which in Somali language is The lost white man or stray white
    man. More than all those above,there is a Somali tribe who
    always believed that there are Jewish, there name is YIBIR
    they were segreted and isolated for they believes. in Somali
    traditions: whenever you have a baby boy born to you, you
    should pay some amount of money or livestock to Yibir male
    when he come to your home. he have to certify his idintity
    that he is realy Yibir by playing circus like game with stick
    staff. and Somali believe strongly that Yibirs has extera
    natural power to curse if they are not payed, what is called
    SAMANYO. Which in Ethiopian language means: in Amharic it
    means Guard and in other semitic Ethiopian language Tigree it
    means taxes. Somalis also believe that the Yibirs has right
    to take that money because their king was killed by muslim
    pioneers who took over Somalia as muslim country. there is
    a mountain in North Somalia where all Somalis believe the
    Jewish the king of Yibirows, the Kabbalist and Muslim sheikhs
    meet and he was murdered. so from that day there are paying
    his blood money. Now first time in history Yibrow has one
    representative in Somali parlamen. The other fomous Somali
    legend is that nobody have seen furnals of Yibrow or dead
    Yibir. and they used to say. when Yibirows die, they are taken
    sprit called HANFALEY to sky. unfartunately, this old legend
    caused killing of many Yibrows, because Islamic miltias shot
    them to provo that this is not true. so they shot them to show
    people. the only truth about this legend was that Yibirows
    used to hide their furnals because they have their own secret
    I personal and some of my friends made a research on those
    Jewish tribes lost in Horn of Africa. we spent lot of time
    to help them. and we have lot more evidences than we said
    here. anybody who is interested, we will communicate about
    it. We do so, in our belief that our God recommended us to
    Help his people. we have special duty for Israel and Jewish
    people to stand with them solidarity in every where they are
    and any time.
    shalu betu yerushalem.

  16. Attention MR.SAMAR….i would like to categorically….object your claims that we have certain tribes of somali origin who have jewish roots…your claims are ill founded and full of innuendos and hearsay….you dont have a material evidence on which to base your arguments on….i am a beydisle and as far as we are concerned we dont have any jewish links and neither do baadi ade have jewish roots…therefore i guess your claims are based on hatred and animosity towards beydisle and baadhi ade and other tribes….we are 100% muslims and we find it wrong to associate us to a certain sect which ALLAH (S.A.W) has thrown curse upon them……..if at all you are a true muslim i guess it high time you seek guidance from ALLAH(S.A.W) …and stop engaging in malicious propaganda and innuendos…if you are supporting the jewish society wherever they may be do so at your own peril but be sure that one day you will held accountable for all these romours that you are spreading….how dare you associate Allah(S.A.W) Servants to a sect that was cursed and thrown away from Allah’s mercy…? are you youself a jew who is hiding within the muslim umma?…..were you paid to spread this unfounded and act in the interest of this zionists ?…..shame on you…and i’m waiting for your response…if you wont respond i will trace you wherever you may in the USA and file a suit a gainst you and your jews may Allah’s curse be on them and may they roast in hell AMEEN .

  17. it’s well known as a common insult in the arabic speaking world, “babak yehudi”, or “your father is a jew”.

  18. Oren, are you really surprised? Welcome to the real world, Jewschool. I think quite a few people here need a lesson in real world Islam, not the “we are the world” nonsense they teach in interfaith groups.
    Anyone still think they should have nukes, you know, just to balance out the evils of imperialism and Zionism?

  19. Anonymouse-
    I’m not sure how many people feel that “they” should have nukes as much as NOBODY should have nukes…

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