What do Jewschool and Okayplayer have in common?

Turns out we’re not the only ones who love Amy Winehouse:

(thought bubble above head) “I love Okayplayer… much better than re-hab”
Some people got clued in ahead of the game, but as for the rest of the world, allow me to officially welcome Amy Winehouse to the Okayplayer fam.

Excellent. The day after the boys at Antibalas are featured, Amy Winehouse is rockin it. She’s got her own spot on the verenable hip hop collective page alongside most of my favorite hip hop artists. Her actual okp page has some song dls and a few pics, as well as links to other pages. A Jew on the front page of Okayplayer? Believe it. This ain’t leftover purim news, people.

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