6 thoughts on “Jewish Heritage Week? Just missed it…

  1. First Comedy Central tapes its “Bar Mitzvah” celebration special on a Friday night, then Bush announces Jewish Heritage Week on Saturday. I only wish there were a voice of sanity and stability, who would take Jewish observance and sensibilities into account with these things…
    There’s only one supercelebrity who can help us now…I challenge Madonna to step forward for the task of champion for the Jewish people of this century.

  2. A couple of interesting things.
    1) The proclamation never uses the word “Jew”, always “Jewish American” or the like.
    2) The proclamation is issued on “twenty-third day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand four”. Whose Lord. This has always pissed me off, but I do kind of like how they put the year from our Independce. Still, it would have been nice to put the Jewish year.

  3. One more thing, in the list of professions, Bush leaves out politicians. Could it be because he stole the Vice Presidency from a Jew, and doesn’t want to remind us?

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