Jewish Rap Violin

No doubt a talented star gaining in fame – Israeli Jazz/Hip-Hop violinist Miri Ben Ari shall be releasing her own violin Rap Album, according to a CNN report. (Kudos to Dm for the tidbit)

“Basically the hip-hop and R&B community are getting together to pull this off,” says Ben Ari. “I have Anthony Hamilton on one track, Scarface on one, Ghostface on two tracks, Joe Budden, Mya, Kanye (West) and the list goes on, it’s amazing.”

Unlike her previous album, (which also brought together many talented people) this one won’t be produced by Shelly Lang, nor will it feature Yisroel Williger and Nochum Stark.

6 thoughts on “Jewish Rap Violin

  1. btw, i recommend everyone go to her website, click “media”, and watch the movie of her performing at the apollo… it’s pretty sick

  2. i remeber watching that one – i have mentioned it in the blog before.
    The announcer dude said he had seen her perform at a bar mitzvah and just had to have her come on showtime.

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