Jewish Response to Cults and Missionaries

Outreach Judaism is an international organization that responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults, by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity. It’s founder and director, Rabbi Tovia Singer, has a radio show as well.

Jews for Judaism has have online brochures (in Acrobat) that you can print out, such as Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Cults and Missionaries.

A for general information about cults, check out F.A.C.T.Net (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) and the Cult Information Centre, or visit this site for a reading list, divided by subject and cult.

The Cult Awareness and Information Center, The Ross Institute, and the American Family Foundation also have a reading lists on their websites.

Reccomended reading:
Smashing the Idols: A Jewish Inquiry into the Cult Phenomenon and Messianic Judaism (which, incidently, was reviewed on the Jews for Jesus website).

(c/o AJL‘s Hasafran)

11 thoughts on “Jewish Response to Cults and Missionaries

  1. Type the word “Jews” in google: The results are packed with J for J sites and anti-Israel sites. Type the word “Jew” in google: The top hit is a hate site and there are a bunch of J for J sites in the results. Clearly, Jews need to get more organized on the internet.

  2. The Yeshua Connection website has an interesting view of the other side of Anti-Missionaries. Just Click on “Anti-Missionaries” on the left side links.

  3. Thanks for the cult links. My fiancee’s mother thinks that the Unitarian Universalists are a cult, and now I can site a reference she may believe.

  4. Watch out for the links provided by Iris as they are a messianic web site that is just full of lies in order to try and get you.
    Typical of all the Jews for Jesus creeps and other mesianic type folks, they seem to try and do anything to convert and will use lies.

  5. Why are you categorizing all messianic Jews automatically as morons because of their beliefs?
    Aren’t people entitled to each have their own beliefs without being belittled because of it?

  6. Bradley, it is you who are using the word “Moron”, rather Jews for Jesus are a bunch of creeps who prey on the lonely and infirm.
    Yes they can have their own belief, but please, let them keep it to themselves and don’t try and make out that Jesus is for Jews, ‘cos it ain’t.

  7. Sara, if you will read the post two previous to my own, you will see that an unnamed person stated:
    “atleast you know they don’t feature Jew hating sites and crap created by Jews for Jesus and other messianic morons”
    You say they prey on the lonely and infirm. The word prey infers a sense of swindling. Are these people out stealing other people’s money? or are they simply trying to share their beliefs with people who may have lost hope? Is it really so bad that some lonely person finds a group that they identify with?
    I always found it interesting that the Muslim culture holds Jesus in higher regard than Jewish. It sounds like your actions/beliefs are more of a result of hatred or fear of Jesus.

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