Jewish Support for Bush Wanes Over Evangelical Agenda

Despite its faults, The Washington Times reports,

The American Jewish community’s focus has shifted from concern about Israel to what it sees as growing anti-Semitism worldwide since the September 11 attacks, a mood swing that carries implications for the upcoming presidential election, several Jewish leaders say.

The Jewish leaders say President Bush’s gains among heavily Democratic Jewish voters for his support of Israel and the Iraq war could be offset by policy initiatives influenced by evangelical Christians, who many Jews think are anti-Semitic despite their support of Israel.

As my friend Aphid would say, “Yee haw! Frosty mug!” American Jewry’s coming to its senses.

5 thoughts on “Jewish Support for Bush Wanes Over Evangelical Agenda

  1. It’s tough choosing between two bad choices. Yes, evangelicals are antisemites. But at this point in history, only in theory, not in practice. (That is, they believe Jews will die out in the future, etc. And they spend tons of $$ on missionizing us. But that’s about it.)
    The Democrats, on the other hand are, well… Democrats.

  2. Actually some Evangelicals are very pro-Israel and Jews while others aren’t. It depends on how they read Scripture. There are far more anti-Israel/Judenhass in the Democratic Party then there are in the Republican one.

  3. What are we calling anti-Israel? If arguing to maintain indefensible settlements in the territories is supposed to be anti-Israel, then most Israelis would be anti-Israel. I know that “nuance” has become a bad word recently, but none of this is really black & white.

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