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Jewish US Navy officer held in secret for 4 months, charged with espionage

The Virginian-Pilot, a newspaper from Hampton Roads, Virginia reports:

NORFOLK — A petty officer has been in the Norfolk Naval Station brig for more than four months facing espionage, desertion and other charges, but the Navy has refused to release details of the case.
The case against Fire Control Technician 3rd Class Ariel J. Weinmann is indicative of the secrecy surrounding the Navy military court here, where public affairs and trial court officials have denied access to basic information including the court docket – a listing of cases to be heard.
After months of requests, the Navy this week provided The Virginian-Pilot with Weinmann’s name, rank and the charges he faces.
[…] Weinmann had been serving aboard the submarine Albuquerque until he deserted in July 2005, according to Brown. Weinmann enlisted in July 2003, he said.
[…] Espionage is defined, in part, by the Uniform Code of Military Justice as the communication to a foreign government of any information relating to U.S. national defense. It carries a maximum punishment of death.

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12 thoughts on “Jewish US Navy officer held in secret for 4 months, charged with espionage

  1. The point is that I would not have known about this.
    Or, maybe the real point is that the Dick, his idiot-boy, and Rummy run the most secretive administration in the history of the United States — previously, a republic.
    Let us hope that Weinmann does not get shipped off to Gitmo.

  2. Of the thousands of stories, particularly at this moment of the war against Israel, interesting choice of what to print as “news”.

  3. My goodness…
    First off, we don’t know if he is Jewish or not. Even if he is, would it make that much of a difference? Was he spying for Israel? I think the previous questions of “the point of this post?” is that how does it apply to Jewschool readers? You certainly don’t report all “news” here.
    Secondly, this has nothing to do with the “most secretive administration in the history of the United States”. I think it is perfectly normal to withhold information in an espionage case. Intelligence is a “game” in every sense of the word. We would want to keep the foreign controllers in the dark as long as is practical. I would wager that this case is no different than those handled under every previous administration. I’m no fan of the current crop, but please focus on what they are really doing wrong, not grabbing for straws like this.
    A few minor points:
    1. U.S. troops don’t get shipped of to Gitmo (as prisoners at least).
    2. Weinmann is not an officer. He is an enlisted sailor. Not that many here would care, but he would be lower on the intelligence totem pole.
    3. The UCMJ operates differently than the civilian courts, but it is a fair system. Judges, juries of your peers, etc. It’s nothing like the “military tribunals” that have caused such an uproar.
    To see some Jewish service members making America proud, go to

  4. Publishing this story only reinforces the idea that American Jews put
    Israel above America. We should keep it under wraps.

  5. The next part of this article has been published,
    It states that he gave information to a fireign government in Manama, Bahrain! doesn’t sound like Israel to me. Informative reporting should not be a shot in the dark, assuming he is jewish. He isn’t even an Officer, he was a 3rd class petty officer, which is a NONCOM. He isn’t an OFFICER, and that’s also makes a huge difference. Lastly, Rummy, Bush, or anyone else, has nothing to do with this matter, as it is entirely a Naval Matter, and is probably being handled internally, in totality.
    I understand the need and desire to print news, but JADED views on the news, especially when they may be very inaccurate, is more damaging than anything I can think of.

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