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Jews and Marriage Equality


You can’t really see it, but from left to right it’s:
All Americans, Jewish, Unaffiliated, Non-Christian, White Catholic, Hispanic Catholic, White Mainline, Black Protestant, Mormon, White Evangelical (interesting choice of groups that is)…
I mean, even accounting for the fact that most Jews are, well, liberal and/or Liberal, that’s still 4% more in favor than “Unaffiliated.”
And, in the spirit of things, here is a quote:
“You’re saying, no, the state said two kinds of marriage. The full marriage, and then this sort of skim milk marriage.” –Ruth Ginsburg

3 thoughts on “Jews and Marriage Equality

  1. Jews are, I think, particularly aware that this is an attempt to enshrine a particular religious definition of marriage into secular law, and that doing so would set a precedent for allowing other religious definitions to guide secular law. We are conscious, I think, that American law’s agnosticism toward religious matters is one of the things that has made it safe to be Jewish in America. If the religious sensibilities of, say, white Evangelicals were to define secular law, we would find ourselves considerably less safe.

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