What Weird Things are We Eating on Passover?

A crowd sourced list:

  1. Matzah with cream cheese, cooked salmon, and horseradish
  2. Hard boiled egg pieces, mixed with raw onion, and salt water (family seder tradition)
  3. Gluten-Free Kosher for Passover Oat Matzah (reportedly tastes like cardboard)
  4. Chocolate pizza
  5. Scrambled eggs and pasta sauce on Matzah
  6. Potato latkes from a mix. (“Maybe not weird, just excruciating.”)
  7. “Vegan matzo gratin thing with potatoes and spinach and a sauce made from pureed avocado and cashews.”
  8. “A lot of turkey meatballs. By themselves. No sauce. No awful Pesach noodles. Just meatballs.”
  9. Cheezits
  10. Macaroons
  11. Bagels
  12. Maror
What have you been eating?


9 thoughts on “What Weird Things are We Eating on Passover?

  1. homemade macaroons (not that weird, except I don’t make them any other time); walnut ball (like matzah balls, but using ground walnuts as a base)soup.

    ants on a log/celery with PB and raisins. cottage cheese with pineapple. kale salad that is inferior to the usual kind in my house, because i can’t figure out wtf nutritional yeast *is* and because it has “yeast” in the name i am worried it’s hametz. also coconut butter. om nom nom.

  3. I’m not sure what prompted the original request or why I agreed to make it, but a significant volume matza brei with chocolate syrup in the batter was consumed by my kids this week.

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