Crazy Jew Jews attacks Christians in Nazareth

Welp. THIS certainly made me a little nauseous.
With Hannukkah past, I don’t think the lessons pass with it… the Maccabees espoused religious purity, rooting out Hellenism, and purging Jewish society of external influence. About fifteen minutes after they got into power, they did a bang up job of replicating the sort of corruption, intolerance, and general national idiocy that characterized the Greek regime preceding them. The miraculous lights that we emphasize with ritual could well have symbolized the light Judea could have been to the world… and like those lights, they eventually went out. Very very quickly.
The Hasmonean Dynasty ended up being a speed bump in history.
Let’s not turn Israel into a similar speed bump.
[Editor’s Note] Monk f’ed up. Mistakes are known to happen. I retract on his behalf this erroneous posting and apologize for the falsehood it perpetuated. I would’ve caught it sooner but, Shabbos…

18 thoughts on “Crazy Jew Jews attacks Christians in Nazareth

  1. yo, according to the ny times, the couple, one Jew and one Christian, had been treated for psychiatric conditions in the past. They are said to have no connection to Jewish nationalist groups. So when you go and chastise the Jewish people, and use precidents in Jewish history to do it, you should do a little more homework before dismantling our moral might.

  2. Jews have spent a great deal of their history living in places where the murder of Jews was excused and minimized, while even the slightest infraction on the part of Jews – like, say, a deranged Jew tossing firecrackers in a church – became a big deal (“JEWS ATTACK CHRISTIANS”). However, traditionally this view was held by anti-semites.

  3. Eli.
    ‘Moral might’?
    And what in the green apple f*ck does ‘nationalism’ have to do with it?
    I chastise the Jewish people because it is our job to police our own – you don’t get to the ethical high ground when you brush off antics like these. Consider if a Muslim did this to a group of US worshipping, or a Christian walked into shul and just popped a few off… how outraged would we be if it were sloughed off by the community at large?

  4. Dude. These people were nutbars who had nothing to do with organized, nationalist or whatever Judaism. They were NUTS capish? Armed with firecrackers. es of course it’s a terrible thing to disturb a Church and scare people, but this Jewish man and his Christian wife are kookoo for cocopuffs. Authorities responded appropriately, thankfully no one got too hurt and that’s that. Sheesh. Monk, you are sooo out of order here. Just admit it.

  5. A ridiculous post. “JEWS” attack Christians? More like ONE lunatic Jew, who, as others have mentioned, is married to a Christian.

  6. This post is just feeding into it being part of some Jewish conspiracy (which it is not) when you don’t acknowledge that it was one Jewish guy and his Christian wife and daughter. It wasn’t enough that the article claims Shortly thereafter hundreds of Nazareth residents arrived at the scene while chanting “death to Jews.”?

  7. Don’t know what to make of this. It is a strange story. Why would they attack Christians if there was a Christian wife and daughter? It maybe some sort of personal dispute with this church.

  8. Again xisntox finds important context. It looks like a mentally handicapped couple that are distraught over having their children taken away by the state. It also looks like the incident has been blown out of portion by nasty rumor mongering.

  9. Monk Eastman –
    Did you even READ the article? This is the sh*test peice of Jewschool blogging i’ve seen in a very long time!
    All this talk of Hannukah, Greeks and Hasmoneans is just a big pile of moronic sh*te!
    Mobius can you please show ‘Editoral Control’ and make sure such rhetorical stupidity doesn’t happen too often – please!!!! ?

  10. ???
    Even the article that YOU LINK TO says that it was a Jew, a Christian, and their child….
    Did you even READ the article?
    I second the “editorial control” comment.

  11. Monk: I chastise the Jewish people because it is our job to police our own
    Chastising the Jewish people has nothing to do with getting the facts wrong. Jumping to conclusions and sensationalizing headlines by falling back on stereotypes is never kosher, doesn’t matter who does it.

  12. This all amuses me: ck saying ‘brauch hashem no one was hurt’, ‘jews attack christians’, and everyone all reducing the readiness level from defcon 2 because the people weren’t nationalists (God forbid). There are absolutely no conclusions to be drawn because this was an ‘isolated’ attack by nutcases who weren’t religious settlers.
    Monk, you missed the whole point of Hanukkah in which the Hasmoneans purified the temple and killed off lots of secular hellenist jews. We are actually going through a period of ‘hellinism’ that is leading to another Jewish watershed like that. I’m counting on the goyim to try and massacre us first though, civil wars suck.

  13. Josh,
    You have to excuse CK. He is under the delusion that Jewish Nationalists attacking chuches with firecrackers (which tragically, was not the case) will not improve the situation for Jews or anyone else. Obviously any reasonable person can see the logic of such an approach, but CK is Hopelessly Hellenist.
    I mean, when I met the guy, he didn’t even try to kill me once. I hate to give up on a person, but I fear this guy will never be a true Hasmonean. But he’s a great drinking buddy!

  14. Dave,
    don’t get me wrong, I love ck, but here on jewschool I can expect to enjoy him cuz here he’s supposed to be ultra-rightist.

  15. Hey first I kill all those other people I got to kill, and then I’m coming for you Kelsey. You and your shrimp chompin, bacon eatin sheygetz mofos. You’ve been warned bitch.

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