4 thoughts on “Zeh Haya Beiti

  1. A classic example of the big elephant in the room. Middle eastern people and growing numbers of unwitting financial and political supporters (i.e., the american public) simply cannot get why white, europeans/new yorkers feel entitled to land in the middle east. This example personofies what has been (decreasingly)uncomfortable for people to talk about openly. What is going to happen when the people start seeing a link between our kneejerk support of Madonna’s “right” to middle eastern land and our being targeted by the people who feel most offended by this? You can only shape public opinion or make accusations of anti-semitism to a certain extent, and you can only try to ban people’s right to see what life is like along the greenline.

  2. The question is will the mashiach press conference be in Tzfat, or the galil? Will he be born in the north? Who knows. Rosh Pinna is a gorgeous area though.

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