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  1. if the hebrew letters of the “john kerry” icon are supposed to be also written in hebrew and not yiddis, the speeling is wrong. u need to replace the “ayin” with an “alef”.

  2. I still think its more tasteful than the dude’s keri without any vowel I think he means that the conventional transliteration of Kerry in Hebrew has an alif (random link here), and that choosing to replace the alif with an ayin must therefore be for reasons of wanting to following the Yiddish lettering system, ie ayin=eh…

  3. And the score is…
    Transliterations Rules: 0
    Writing for Jewish Unity: 100
    Spelling “J” as Gimel+smitchik is a Sephardic and Modern Israeli convention.
    Spelling “E” as ‘Ayin is an Ashkenazic (Yiddish) convention.
    Also, in Yiddish Vav generally does *not* get read as “O”, but as “U” – “O” is written Alef+qomatz.
    But hey, maybe when we all start transliterating this way, the ‘Eidot of the Mizrahh, Tzafon, Ma‘arav and Darom will all get together in happy Ahavat Yisra’eil unity and then the mashiahh will come 🙂

  4. In Hebrew, ‘Kerry’ means emission and is biblicly synomous with sperm emission whether purposeful or wasteful.
    Kerry with an ‘ayim’ or ‘aleph’ would be pronounced Karry, so there shouldn’t be a vowel in the first place.

  5. Google search results for john kerry with an “ayin”= zero
    Google Search results for john kerry with an “alef”= 1550
    Google search results for john kerry without any of those letters – 1770.

  6. was talking about the jews kerry site thats spells it kuf,resh,yud which is the same spelling as the hewbrew word keri, which is a stupid line i get from people
    “duh, you know what keri means in hebrew, he heh”
    in yiddish aayin is “eh” so why not? granted it doesnt go with the modern hebrew jimmel but so what

  7. This whole spelling issue is tough – we’re just transliterating, and you know how hard it is to spell Hebrew words in English. When it comes down to it, we know what it says and means… English has homophones and homographs, and we deal with it OK.

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