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Jews. In. Space. No, really.

We periodically post on Mel Brook’s classic, as yet to be made ‘farsheyst und farbesert’ take on the “Star Wars” because its irresistible.  There are several other posts on the subject , but what’s one more?
Now it seems that many Jews (or at least Israelis) are actually among the already paid customers for commercial space flight on Virgin Galactic…    At $200K a pop and given the price of real estate in Tel Aviv, one questions the wisdom, but hey, they’re “saving the Hebrew race…”

One thought on “Jews. In. Space. No, really.

  1. Hey Adam, you need to fix the Yiddish. It should be ‘fartaytsht un farbesert’ (traditionally, taytshn being to translate from loshn koydesh to Yiddish). But that specific phrase was often used to advertise Yiddish translations of Shakespeare and the like.

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