Good Art from Israel.

All the less than buttery news about the State of Israel and its populace in the recent days has got me in need of a good chuckle. This Israeli film, “A Mayse” (A Folktale), shot mostly in Yiddish, but also in Hebrew (with English subtitles), is a profound student’s meditation on Israeli culture in our own times. It’s a depressing tale of cultural death, human loneliness and racism. It’s also profound evidence that the Israeli gaze is a sensitive one and a hard slap in the face to those who believe Israeli culture should be boycotted.
I laughed until I cried.
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2 thoughts on “Good Art from Israel.

  1. Wow. I think this film says more about the ‘yiddishe hartz’ than all the (many) comments we’ve made on that Tony Kushner thread.
    But maybe the main character needs to get with the times. In the ‘hard reality’ of today, it seems that one has to turn the Filipino in, as it were.

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