Jewschool Readers Keep Secrets from the Shamir! (Or, Passover Web Nominations Extended)

To my dearest jewschool readers:
I know that every single one of you has at least one great Passover link that you can send me. Anyone can go to Chabad.org for endless information or PassoverGreeting.com for entertainment – but who, come this Sunday, will have a fabulous collection of places all over the internet where you can get information to enhance Pesach 2006? Jewschool will – but only with your help.
Like many of our other posts, Jewschool often gets an overwhelming number of posts from people who disgree with us or who only want to promote their own blogs, in order to draw people away from the site or to convince people Jewschool is too liberal, too orthodox, or whatever it is that day.
To those of you who have already submitted links, thank you – especially those of you who sent links to your own creative projects. Now I know many others of you are Jewschool fans and supporters – please take a few minutes to send along some great links so we can make this resource successful.
You may post links in the comments to this post, or send them to shamirpower – at – gmail – dot – com.
-Lots of love from the sparkly lowly diamond toothed shamir

4 thoughts on “Jewschool Readers Keep Secrets from the Shamir! (Or, Passover Web Nominations Extended)

  1. Pre- Pesach Clean up Concert, Blast the chumitz out your Ears.
    Baruch Hashem, Praise Jah.
    in preparation for Pesach, we are blessed to have some geshmake voices sing for the (party)community. Let’s make a l’chaim, have some chulent, come on down and rock and roll!
    5 live bands*****
    *Pesach Chaim the legend comes to NYC after 2 years. (metal)
    White Shabbos (punk-niggunim-derech KLal)
    *Blanket StatementStein -Back from the UK (love-punk-NewWave)
    Rocky arena rock (wedding singer)
    *Y-love (chasideshe Hipsters)
    and back from Israel, Crazy Yosef (mysticalTechnoy)
    TONIGHT_THURSDAY_April 6th 2006
    @Millinery Center Shul 1025 6th Ave at 38th street
    5$ donation

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