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Set free your slaves!

If CK’s recent post about human trafficking in Israel wasn’t vivid enough, check out this hour-long documentary from Israeli television (Hebrew with English subtitles) about the evils of white slavery in the Holy Land.

Please help remove this blight from the Jewish state. Visit the Task Force for Human Trafficking’s website to learn what steps you can take to end this tragedy, or make a donation to TFHT to aid them in this cause.

7 thoughts on “Set free your slaves!

  1. Great start. Let’s remove the evils of *all* slavery, not just the “white” and “sex” kinds.

  2. Alan, what do you gain by trivializing and therefore dismissing any form of slavery. What the fuck does it matter if they’re white? And shouldn’t the fact that these women are sold as sex slaves, used in the most demoralizing and exploitative of ways, bring this form of slavery to deserve its own hour special–I assume the actual eradication of sex slavery in Israel and prosecution of traffickers is too much to ask.
    Indifference is evil, and it’s what is killing the Jewish people. This is such a grotesque, sickening, evil twist of events in our history, and brings ultimate shame upon our people.

  3. i just watched the whole hour.
    the police are a joke and the governement are a joke.
    the police know exactly where and how this happens and could stop it in a day, if of course thats what they wanted to do. but obviously its not, the government are making substantial money off human trafficking. im actaully ashamed.

  4. Dede:
    Who’s trivializing any form of slavery? I’m saying that people shouldn’t need catchwords like “white” or “sex” to see that slavery is abominable. Is white slavery worse than black slavery, which still happens? Is sex slavery quantitatively different from labor slavery, which illegal immigrants to the USA get caught up in all the time?
    I’m questioning the values which make slavery so much more surprising and heinous if it’s WHITE people getting trapped in it, as if slavery is an expected ‘career choice’ for everyone else.
    Other than your talk of trivializing this problem & your other accusations related to me, I agree with everything you’re saying.

  5. Horrendous and vile and truly a blight. I think the reporters in the first segment got too caught up in bashing police behavior (which was definitely inappropriate)– but I think they should’ve been focussing on the bigger picture. That is, what can be done to effectively end this trafficking and why aren’t the police doing it?
    In fact, the program as a whole talked mostly about the problem and not about potential solutions. That was disappointing and just made the whole thing even more depressing.

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